history of the ranch

Meet the Doiron Family 

Ranching since 1998

We are the Doiron Family. We are hands-on folks, we are here tending to this ranch and its day-to day operations to optimize its long-term success.  We are custodians of the land and caretakers of its inhabitants. We have raised our sons to love the land and the animals the way we do. They grew up right beside us working with the animals and respecting the land. Our boys have been involved in every aspect of the family business. From raising and selling market steers and replacement heifers in 4-H to the great outdoors shooting, roping and fishing. They have grown to love the animal and the land, now a Veterinarian and a Mechanical Engineer. We are here for you to share our passion and our animals we raise with pride

Our attention to detail translates into success for our customers. When we sell cattle to a commercial cattle grower, we want that experience to result in real value seen years from now. We want the customer to know that they get the best, most predictable and reliable product. And it’s not just a one-time sale: we want buyer feedback to know what works best for that buyer’s environment and at his sale barn. Fewer inputs, greater production. Happy customers. We can provide value to your program. Come see us or call for more information. Spanish Ranch cattle may be bred for the West, but they perform just about anywhere.

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